(Burnaby, BC) – Protein for People is proud to announce the delivery of $87,226.00 worth of canned, prime BC pink salmon to food banks throughout the province of British Columbia today. “The difficult part,” says John Radosevic, President of Protein for People, “is that even with the donation of those 81,000 cans, the need is still much greater. In acountry as rich as Canada it’s unacceptable to see people lining up for food. It’s a poor reflection on our country and humiliating for those who are most vulnerable.”


The donation comes on the final day of Hunger Awareness Week, a national event dedicated to helping raise awareness about the solvable problem of hunger in Canada.


Continues Radosevic, “Over 40% of food bank groceries are consumed by children of one and two parent families living in poverty. It is time politicians paid more attention to theimpact that hunger and poverty has on our communities, and the damage it does to our society.”


Meanwhile, BC unions, collectively through Protein for People, are stepping up to the plate with monetary donations which are used to purchase protein products. Proteins like meat, fish and eggs are hardest for food banks to access because of the cost factor, so food banks must purchase them to make up the shortfall. Of the $87,226.00 delivered today, about $30,000.00 is from food banks which often use Protein for People’s cost effective bulk purchasing to help fill the gap.


“Labour unions have always been active in community services but Protein for People is a way for labour to contribute in its own name,” says Radosevic. “Protein for People is a union owned and operated charity which recognizes both the need for better solutions than food bank lines, but also recognizes that we can’t just watch people go hungry whilethe fight for better public policy goes on. What we desire for ourselves, we wish for all, is an old union slogan,” Radosevic says, “but apropos.”