Union salmon was recently was delivered by the Kamloops District Labour Council to food banks in Kamloops, Merritt, Chase, Barrier and Clearwater – all towns within its jurisdiction. The story and pictures were well covered by local media and were well appreciated by the food banks involved.

Protein for People is appreciative of the actions taken by the Kamloops District Labour Council – not only for assisting people in need of food bank assistance, but also for in helping to develop stronger ties between labour and the community at large.

To participate, unions need only order Protein for People salmon and have the salmon delivered directly to our brothers and sisters at food banks. It seems that most people using food banks are the working poor and their families. And as trade unionists and responsible citizens, we get involved.

We get involved by using our organizing skills to assist workers to better their chances for a decent respectful workplace, and to also lend a hand if necessary when those less fortunate some need interim help to regain their balance during difficult times.

Thank you Kamloops District Labour Council.

John Radosevic, President,
Protein for People

Kamloops Food bank receiving salmon from Kamloops District Labour Council. In the photo left to right, are Barb Nederpal (Council President}, Brad Gerow (Council 1st VP), From Kamloops Food Bank Wes and Exec Director Bernadette and far right Mogens Jorgensen (Council member at large)

Protein for People Salmon Delivery to Kamloops Food Bank

Chase Food Bank: Chuck Wylde and Mogens Jorgensen