About us

The Union Protein Project is a non-profit society started in 2006 by unions and the United Way who saw a way to make a real difference in our communities.

Unions and individual union members donate cash that is then used to subsidize food bank purchases of canned salmon and peanut butter. Community minded corporations also donate. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of cans of salmon have helped to feed vulnerable people. Peanut butter was added to our product line in 2016.

The Union Protein Project member unions are also engaged in actions aimed at “eliminating the need for food banks through good jobs”. The Union Protein Project Community Forums make information available to food bank clients to help them address their own concerns about government economic and social policy, education , labour standards, housing and health.

Why Food Banks?

Labour’s first slogan has always been; “What We Desire For Ourselves We Want For All”. Our dream is for no family to need a food bank. But until that time we will assist those who are vulnerable.

Food bank clients aren’t only those who must live on welfare, As the number of Canadians forced into low paying jobs grows, so grows the number of those living below the “official” poverty line. Over 30% of food bank users are children. The number of two parent families reliant on food banks has grown faster than any other demographic. These workers are the Sisters and Brothers of those of us lucky enough to have good paying union jobs. The Union Protein Project member unions feel duty-bound to stand by those food bank Sisters and Brothers.

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