What We Do

Food For Food Banks

Protein for People is a non-profit society started in 2006 by unions and the United Way who saw an opportunity to make a real difference. Protein for People helps food banks by subsidizing shelf stable protein-based foods so food banks can save precious money and maximize their purchasing power.

Food For Thought

Each year Protein for People hosts several forums to bring together those using food banks, union volunteers, and service providers for a community event. The forums are an important part of our outreach and are about connecting people with solutions and sharing food and music together.

For more new and information, check out our Community Forum page or “Like” our Protein for People Facebook page.

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Families and Children at Risk

Families have been hit hard by the recession and job losses and shrinking pay checks are having an impact as vulnerable people struggle to make ends meet. Children make up over 35% of people relying on BC food banks. Protein is critical to a healthy diet and crucial for a mental and physical development, but …

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Protein is Critical and Expensive

Protein-based foods are essential for nutrition and are more expensive, Food banks often spend most of their financial donations buying protein-based foods (word smith to add these two together) there are fewer donations of this food source. Protein for People has helped food banks through direct donations of protein-based food and has helped food banks …

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Why People

A growing number of vulnerable people have lost jobs or work several low-paying jobs and are forced to turn to food banks to feed their families. Our economy is failing them and the recession has made the impact even greater. People forced to use food banks also include workers with very low wages, those with …

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Why Protein

Food banks in BC regularly experience shortages of protein-based food and struggle to ensure that vulnerable people get this key nourishment. Important dietary protein is found in such foods as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Many families are struggling to provide the nourishment that is essential for their health, and children make up over …

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