Protein for People is a non-profit society started in 2006 by unions and the United Way who saw a way to make a real difference in our communities.

Unions and individual union members donate cash that is then used to subsidize food bank purchases of canned salmon and peanut butter.

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Protein for People is a community partnership to address the shortages of protein at BC’s food banks and the shortages of an economy that leaves people vulnerable.

Community leaders from Unions and Food banks are working together to find solutions. We are working to ensure that no child, family or community needs food banks. People need real choices and good jobs that feed them, their families and their community.

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Food banks in BC regularly experience shortages of protein-based food and struggle to ensure that vulnerable people get this key nourishment.

Important dietary protein is found in such foods as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Many families are struggling to provide the nourishment that is essential for their health, and children make up over 45% of people relying on BC food banks.

Protein is important food for brain and muscle development and is an essential part of the nutrition that we all need.

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